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Q.1 AC Installation Charges in Bathinda?
Ans. Installation charges are fully depends on AC Types and location.
Q.2 AC Service Charges in Bathinda?
Ans.500 + parts extra or it depends on AC Type and its condition.
Q.3 Washing Machine Service Repair Charges in Bathinda?
Ans.500 + parts extra or it depends on Washing Machine Type and its condition.
Q.4 Refrigerator Not Cooling?
Ans. Call us and feel free.
Q5 RO Service Charges in Bathinda?
Ans. 500 + Parts OR depends on RO Brand and its condition.
Q.6 AC Service Price in Bathinda Punjab?
Ans AC Service price is totaly depends on AC type whether it is Window, Split or Cassette. Normaly AC service charges are as 500 + parts and gas extra.
Q.7 Fridge repair charge in Bathinda Punjab?
Ans Fridge service charges depends on what problem you have in your fridge and fridge type.Generaly it is 500 + parts and gas extra.
Q.8 Washing Machine repair charge in Bathinda Punjab?
Ans Washing Machine service charges depends on what problem you have in your Washing Machine and Washing Machine type.Generaly it is 500 + parts extra.
Q.9 Microwave Oven repair charge in Bathinda Punjab?
Ans Microwave Oven service charges depends on what problem you have in your Microwave Oven and Microwave Oven type.Generaly it is 500 + parts extra.
Q.10 Dishwasher repair charge in Bathinda Punjab?
Ans Dishwasher service charges depends on what problem you have in your Dishwasher and Dishwasher type.Generaly it is 500 + parts extra.
Q.11 RO repair charge in Bathinda Punjab?
Ans RO service charges depends on what problem you have in your RO and RO type.Generaly it is 500 + parts extra.
Q.12 Geyser repair charge in Bathinda Punjab?
Ans Geyser service charges depends on what problem you have in your Geyser and Geyser type.Generaly it is 500 + parts extra.
Q-13.How long will it take to fix my Electric Chimney?
We understand that Electric Chimney is essential for daily life. Our professionals will try to make repairs in the shortest time possible. The repair time also depends on important factors like issues and the availability of spare parts.
Q-14.Will you provide doorstep pick-up and drop Electric Chimney repair services for worn-out Electric Chimney?
We will visit your home to repair the damaged Electric Chimney. If the damage is serious, we will take away the Electric Chimney Our workshop for repair and return it to your home after work is done.
Q-15.How often should a domestic Electric Chimney be serviced?
Home Electric Chimney should service at least once a quarter to avoid sudden wear and tear.
Q-16.What are the service charges for Electric Chimney servicing?
Electric Chimney repair services will cost you around Rs. 499 for normal servicing & for Deep Cleaning Rs. 999.
Q-17.What if my Electric Chimney warranty has expired?
If your Electric Chimney warranty has expired, we'll help you get the Electric Chimney fixed at the lowest cost. We will do charge a certain amount to replace the necessary damaged components with new ones.
Q-18.If needed spare parts for the Electric Chimney service, do I need to pay for you in advance?
If the technician is going to buy the material, you need to pay in advance so that the technician can pay when buying parts. You will be given an acknowledgment bill after purchase.
Q-19.What if the same problem occurs again?
Our technicians/professionals are expert and skilled, will repair your Electric Chimney with utmost efficiency. But then comes the same problem, we ok fix it.
Q-20.How can I be sure you used genuine spare parts?
We appreciate the trust you are showing in HAB. We believe in providing high-quality Electric Chimney service. We make sure that all the spare parts used meet high-quality standards.